Sound deadening & insulating Daisy .

So I’ve got Daisy back from the garage for a while and have been trying to get through some of the work needing done. I started with stripping out the carpet from the high top so I could see what I was working with and then de-greased the whole van interior from top to bottom.

At the moment I’m only focussed on the living area and bought a deadening kit from Combe Valley Campers. So far I’ve done the deadening and added 7mm thermoliner from Dodomat.

With Thermoliner

In the high top I decided to apply some deadening panels and then use the 7mm insulation on the centre part of the high top as I didn’t want to have bad lines for carpeting.

I’m considering using foil tape to cover the rest of the high top before I carpet line but a little unsure as to whether it’s a good idea or not.

Here’s where I’ve gotten to…

Will keep you updated with further pics soon, next task is to treat any bare metal and then sound deaden the engine bay and insulate the floor.