A few words of thanks.

A few words of thanks

I wanted to say something in respect of my buddy and long time friend Tez Hussain, without him my life would’ve been very different.

Back in 92 I went to my first rave and got to see all my heroes play, I got to see Fabio, Grooverider, SS, Slipmatt, Ellis Dee, Rat Pack and many more. I used to come home after events and plug my headphones into my ghetto blaster’s mic socket and do my own version of what the MC’s were doing and had a bit of fun but nothing more.

Fast forward a few years, 1998 to be precise and I was a Jungle Nation regular and one night I decided to approach Tez and ask if I could try out on the mic. I was probably pretty shit but for some reason he decided to give me a slot at the next event and that is when I first shared a stage with one of my heroes from before, the mighty Ellis Dee.

Over the years, with the exception of having children, Jungle Nation has been one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. It has literally been life changing, I made an amazing group of true friends, I have gotten to both meet and play with a lot of my musical heroes and danced my fucking ass off in the process.

I’ve been from Aviemore to Cardiff, all over Scotland and as far a field as Pittsburgh USA and Croatia, all with one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Without that fateful day when I blagged on the mic, none of it would have happened.

It’s not often in life you get the opportunities to have that much fun, I’ve enjoyed every second of it. From cruising all the Jungle events in Scotland in the Scirocco to getting off that plane in Pittsburgh and playing a rave, a pub and radio show in the space of four days. Timeless.

Tez Hussain is a stand up guy and a stalwart of the Scottish music scene and Jungle Nation is one hell of an achievement that has brought joy to thousands of people. An institution.

To all my Jungle Nation soldiers and Jungle Nation family, I salute you.

I’m very proud to have been part of something so special.

18 years.

Thank you.