Pub sun

Sitting roasting
But I’m not toasting. Had some bad news yesterday…
It’s all good, am watching ants crawling around the picnic table with an ice cold pint.

I’ll hold tight
Have incoming people and my memories to keep me company.
I’m cool with that.

Life kicks up a stink from time to time and it’s okay to take stop, think for a bit.

As the ants walk around a tizz, I write words and down some fizz, it’s a funny old game.

Blazing sun is nice, I’m writing words to a yet to meet audience, again I’m cool with that.
Spraffing, tanning… some people pay a fortune for that shit:

I’m gonna sit and chill now, finish my pint and two more, maybe a third if I’m feeling rebellious.
Got a few hours in the sun left and I will enjoy it.

I hope you have a nice day too.